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Efua Andoh is the Asst Director, Communications and Special Projects in Public Interest. She serves as the primary administrator for the Psychology Benefits Society blog.

    Psychology Should Inform SCOTUS Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

    Lesbian Couple With Baby

    By Efua Andoh (PI Communications Staff) Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, you know that gay marriage is all over the news these days. Events are moving very fast with national polling indicating nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that same-sex marriage will become legal nationwide. Over here in Public Interest, we are anticipating the Supreme Court hearing arguments challenging the constitutionality of the Defense of […]

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    PI Government Relations 101

    By Micah Haskell-Hoehl (Senior Policy Associate, PI-Government Relations Office) A visitor to APA headquarters might walk out the main entrance and wonder about the building’s proximity to the Capitol Dome. If nothing else, it is a fitting reminder of APA’s numerous government relations staff working every day to make connections with Congress and the executive branch in support of psychology. For the Public Interest Government Relations Office (PI-GRO), this advocacy […]

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    Growing Up Undocumented

    With over 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the shadows, the field of psychology has vital input to offer. APA’s Presidential Task Force on Immigration report highlights the challenges to the health and wellbeing of undocumented immigrant youth posed by their documentation status and calls for APA to raise awareness of their mental and behavioral health effects. As Congress turns to the task of comprehensive immigration reform, the time is […]

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    Be Part of the Conversation

    By Allen Omoto, PhD (Chair, APA Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest) Super Storm Sandy and its devastating effects.  The horror of Sandy Hook and subsequent attempts to understand why it happened and how it might have been prevented.  Daily experiences of kids being bullied in schools.  Immigration reform.  Women entering combat roles in the military.  These recent events have captured attention and headlines, and they […]

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    Applying Psychological Science, Benefiting Society

    By Dr. Gwendolyn P. Keita (Exec. Director, Public Interest) Greetings! Welcome to the Psychology Benefits Society blog – a new initiative from the American Psychological Association’s Public Interest (PI) directorate. I’m Dr. Gwendolyn Keita (call me Gwen) – PI’s Executive Director and I have the honor of writing the inaugural post. So, here goes! Why should the world care about public interest psychology? I believe that psychology has immense power […]

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