APA’s Public Interest (PI) directorate is proud to bring you the Psychology Benefits Society blog, which demonstrates how psychological science contributes to the greater good.

We all seek answers to the thorny questions of contemporary society. These few are just the tip of the iceberg:

  • Why is understanding and appreciating diversity critical in 21st century America?
  • What must we do to preserve the human rights of every member of our society?
  • How do we protect our children from violence?
  • How can we reverse and reduce health disparities among underserved populations?

There are passionate and dedicated individuals – scientists, health professionals, teachers, advocates, policy makers, members of the public – who strive daily to answer questions like these. Psychologists are among them and, with their study of the complexities of human behavior, are key to finding resolutions.

Simply put, the Psychology Benefits Society blog shows how applied psychological science benefits society. Information is a powerful tool. By providing information consistent with psychology’s evidence on human behavior, health, and mental health, we hope to contribute to lasting and powerful social progress. The blog highlights roundups of recent research and provides updates on APA’s various programs, events, and activities that further the public interest. It also features perspectives from public interest psychologists on why they are passionate about the work they do.

Our mission is not complete without you. We want to hear from you! What issues do you want to see covered? What do you think about psychology’s role in bettering society? Tweet Gwen Keita (our Executive Director), subscribe to our “In the Public Interest” newsletter, comment below, or just shoot us an email. Want to do more? Get Involved!

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