Welcome to the Psychology Benefits Society blog, produced by the American Psychological Association’s Public Interest (PI) directorate.

Who We Are:

The Public Interest directorate fulfills APA’s commitment to apply the science and practice of psychology to the fundamental problems of human welfare and to promote equitable and just treatment of all segments of society through education, training, and public policy.

What We Do:

The Psychology Benefits society blog:

  • Provides fresh, frequent coverage of psychological research that addresses health and social justice issues
  • Highlights PI activities, programs, publications and resources that speak to our mission
  • Features testimonials from public interest psychologists and other mental health professionals on why they are passionate about the work they do
  • Identifies and discusses public policy in which psychology plays a role
  • Offers opportunities for training, fellowships, membership in APA governance and more.

Keep up to date by subscribing to our RSS feed or following us on Twitter. Got questions? Send us an email.

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