Blog Series on Parenting & Discipline

Finger art of family during quarrel.

In February 2017, we launched a series of weekly blog posts addressing discipline and parenting practices. In this series, we will explore:

  • reasons that parents choose among discipline approaches,
  • the science behind those techniques, and
  • alternative approaches to discipline.

You can find the list of posts below.

  1. Why Do Parents Physically Discipline Their Children? 5 Useful Analogies from Sedimentary Rocks – George W. Holden, PhD (Southern Methodist University)
  2. A Tale of Two Tantrums – Joan E.  Durrant, PhD (University of Manitoba)
  3. Can You Discipline Your Child Without Using Punishment? – Alan E. Kazdin, PhD, ABPP (Yale University)
  4. Why Positive Parenting Trumps Physical Punishment When It Comes to Disciplining Kids – Gail Goodman, PhD (UC Davis)
  5. 7 Essential Tips to Help You Master Disciplining Your Kids – Joan Grusec, PhD (University of Toronto)
  6. Corporal Punishment: A Wrong not a Right – Barbara Bennett Woodhouse, JD (Emory University)
  7. Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child? The Unexpected Way Religious Beliefs Influence Parents’ Views of Discipline – Cindy Miller-Perrin, PhD (Pepperdine University)

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