Blog Series on Talking to Kids about Race and Ethnicity

Facts of Life

Racism, racial bias, and racial discrimination affect children, yielding disparities in educational experiences, discipline, developmental outcomes and overall health and well-being. Many parents wonder what to do in order to help their children to process negative experiences and to develop strong identities and resilience despite these experiences. To that end, APA has launched a series of blog posts regarding racial/ethnic socialization practices, programs, and approaches.

  1. “But Daddy, Why Was He Shot?”: How to Talk to Children about Race Today
  2. Black Pain, Black Joy, and Racist Fear: Supporting Black Children in a Hostile World
  3. It Takes a Village to Raise a Child: Racial and Ethnic Socialization (RES) Beyond the Curriculum
  4. 3 Essential Tips to Help All Kids to Embrace Their Race and Ethnicity
  5. “Shall We Dance?” How Parents Can Work Together to Teach Kids About Race
  6. We Achieve What We Believe: How to Encourage African American Students to Believe in Their Academic Abilities
  7. Black Panther and the Power of Representation
  8. Children Are Not Colorblind: 4 Ways to Talk to Young Children About Race
  9. How Building a Positive Self-Image Helps Parents and Children of Color Cope with Racial Stress

APA is also putting together a clearinghouse of resources to help parents/caregivers protect youth of color and themselves from the psychological damage of discrimination and racism. For more information regarding APA’s new initiative and to provide feedback as we continue to engage in this series, please visit: