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The Secrets I Learned to Managing Stress (0)

By Edna M. Esnil, PsyD (Member, APA Committee on Women in Psychology) Have you ever felt overwhelmed when you have to confront a stressful task or situation? As a practitioner, I work a lot with clients who are stressed and overwhelmed.   I experience stress too. On both a professional and a personal level this is… Read More ›

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7 Things Everyone Should Know About the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Women and Girls (0)

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By Efua Andoh (Public Interest Communications) Women and girls living with HIV in America are mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. Women and girls affected by the epidemic – particularly those of color –deserve a voice and their unique needs and challenges require attention. In honor of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, here is… Read More ›

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Women Can’t Wait Another 50 Years for Equal Pay (4)


By Roberta Downing, PhD (Senior Legislative and Federal Affairs Officer, APA Public Interest Directorate – Government Relations Office) Have you ever wondered if you’re being discriminated against in your pay? Would you even know if you were? This week marks Equal Pay Day, which highlights how far into the next year that a woman would have… Read More ›

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Why Should Psychologists Care About the Ryan Budget? (4)

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By Roberta Downing, PhD (Senior Legislative and Federal Affairs Officer, APA Public Interest Directorate – Government Relations Office) This week, Chairman Paul Ryan of the House Budget Committee released his budget. What does this have to do with psychology? Some of the proposed policy provisions are troubling and could affect your career and your loved ones…. Read More ›

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21 Microaggressions in Photos (4)

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Our fellow APA blog for graduate psychology students, GradPsych Blog, has a great post up about the various types of microaggressions faced by students at university. We have cross-posted it below: By Eddy Ameen, PhD (Asst. Director, American Psychological Association of Graduate Students) Microagressions aren’t just a term you read and theorize about. They happen everyday… Read More ›

Poverty and Socioeconomic Status »

50 Years After the War on Poverty: Looking Beyond Success or Failure (3)


By Roberta Downing, PhD (Senior Legislative and Federal Affairs Officer, APA Public Interest Directorate – Government Relations Office) Today marks the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson’s declaration of a “War on Poverty,” an effort to end poverty among all Americans. This anniversary has already sparked debate amongst policymakers about the impact that this sweeping initiative… Read More ›

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Barbie as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model? Our Girls (and Boys) Deserve Better (1)

Sports Illustrated Barbie Cover

By Eileen Zurbriggen, PhD (Professor of Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz) and Tomi-Ann Roberts, PhD (Professor of Psychology, Colorado College) The latest Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is out, with a print edition of 200+ pages, a mobile app, bonus online photographs and videos, and even a hardcover book to celebrate the 50th anniversary.  But… Read More ›

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40 Years Strong: APA’s Committee on Women in Psychology Made History (0)


By Joan C. Chrisler, PhD, 2013 Chair of APA’s Committee on Women in Psychology It may be hard to imagine now, but before the creation of APA’s Committee on Women in Psychology (CWP), there was blatant discrimination in the hiring of women psychologists and obliviousness to, if not open disregard for, the needs of women… Read More ›

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Why ENDA Should Matter to Psychologists (0)

LGBT discrimination

By J. Judd Harbin, PhD (Arkansas) and Melissa J. Grey, PhD (Michigan), APA Division 44 (Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues) Public Policy Committee Members Working matters. In his classic 1974 work titled Working, Studs Terkel observed that, despite the stresses of one’s job duties, working provides a person… Read More ›


What World AIDS Day Means to Me (0)

World AIDS Day

By David Martin, PhD (Senior Director, APA Office on AIDS) I saw my first AIDS patient in 1983, a time when its etiology was unknown and when everyone—community members and healthcare professionals alike—was terrified about the prospects of contracting a rapidly fatal illness.  I remember having to don a hospital gown, gloves, booties, and a… Read More ›

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5 Things Congress Can Do To Protect the Rights of Parents with Disabilities (0)

Dr. Andrews at Briefing

By Erin Andrews, PsyD, ABPP (APA Committee on Disability Issues in Psychology) My interest in parenting and disability goes beyond the professional. I am a rehabilitation psychologist, but I am also a disabled parent myself. In an earlier post, I described the experiences that parents like myself go through. Today, I intend to outline the… Read More ›


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