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We’re Lucky If We Get to Be Old, Scientists Move Closer to Understanding Schizophrenia’s Cause, For Older Adults Serious Depression Symptoms Increase Risk for Stroke and Heart Disease, and more – In Case You Missed It – February 5th, 2016

February 5, 2016 • In Case You Missed It

Welcome back to In Case You Missed It (our weekly roundup of articles touching on psychology, health, mental health and social justice issues from multiple news and commentary websites). This week, we look at why we may be lucky if we get to be old, scientists getting closer to understanding schizophrenia’s cause, for older adults serious depression symptoms increase… Read More ›

Criminal and Juvenile Justice »

Addressing Biased Policing Through Science-Based Training

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This is part of our ongoing series of blog posts about race, racism and law enforcement in communities of color. By Lorie Fridell, PhD (Associate Professor of Criminology, University of South Florida) Do you claim to be color-blind?  Do you believe that you do not notice when a person is Caucasian, Black, Hispanic, or Asian?  Well then, you… Read More ›

Children and Youth »

The Choice No Parent Should Have to Make: The Case for Paid Family Leave

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By Sara Buckingham (PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology and Community & Applied Social Psychology at the University of Maryland,Baltimore County) Like other American families, while Melissa and Rob eagerly anticipated the birth of their second child, they also had to decide how much time they could afford to take off work to care for their newborn…. Read More ›

Health Disparities »

Joining with SAMHSA to Support Mental and Behavioral Health in All American Communities

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By Norman. B. Anderson, PhD (CEO, American Psychological Association) Mental and behavioral health matter for all Americans.  Do all Americans have equal access to mental health care? In 2001, then U. S. Surgeon General David Satcher, MD, PhD, released his report, Mental Health: Culture, Race and Ethnicity.  The report found profound differences in access to and… Read More ›

Aging »

Creating New Holiday Traditions: 10 Questions to Ask Your Older Relatives

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By Kimberly E. Hiroto, PhD (Clinical Geropsychologist, VA Puget Sound Health Care System, Tacoma, WA) and Glenn Smith, PhD (Clinical Neuropsychologist and Elizabeth Faulk Professor and Chair, Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, University of Florida) The holidays are often about three Rs: relationships, reflection, and remembering. Research suggests that as we age our view… Read More ›

Poverty and Socioeconomic Status »

Penalizing the Poor and Homeless: Psychology’s Contribution

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By Maha Khalid (Program Coordinator, Office on Socioeconomic Status) “Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings.” – Nelson Mandela Communities across the country respond to poverty and homelessness with a variety of programs: food banks, emergency shelters, transitional housing, and… Read More ›

Violence »

Can a Bystander Make a Difference in Sexual Assault Prevention?

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By Amy Zavadil , PhD (Associate Dean for Equity and Title IX Coordinator at Barnard College) Federal law now requires colleges and universities to provide bystander skills training to all new students and employees.  Teaching bystander skills to all students and employees in college or university settings is necessary, but not sufficient to shift culture.  The current… Read More ›

Human Rights and Social Justice »

Shackling Pregnant Women Poses Risks to Mother and Fetus

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By Danielle Dallaire, PhD (Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the College of William and Mary) and Rebecca Shlafer, PhD (Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics (Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Health) at the University of Minnesota) Since 1990, the number of women incarcerated in the United States has more than doubled. Although much has… Read More ›

Disability Issues »

Parental Rights Include Disability Equality: A Call to Action for Psychology

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By Alette Coble-Temple, PsyD (Ms. Wheelchair California 2015 and Professor, John F. Kennedy University) Becoming a parent is considered a basic human right in our country. However, people with disabilities are often denied this right. It’s 2015, yet people with disabilities continue to encounter legal, medical, and social resistance to becoming parents (Preston, 2012; Coleman,… Read More ›

Women and Girls »

Title X Matters


By Amalia Corby-Edwards (Senior Legislative and Federal Affairs Officer, APA Public Interest Government Relations Office) Over the past few months, reproductive health services funded by Title X of the Public Health Service Act have come under intense fire. This spring, House Republicans presented a budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year which included a not… Read More ›

Public Policy »

Psychology in the Public Interest

(0) “We do a good job of creating knowledge, but we’re not as effective in communicating and applying that knowledge,” said Executive Director Dr. Gwendolyn Puryear Keita at the November 2015 Public Interest Leadership Conference.
  Photo credit:   Lloyd Wolf

  Marilyn Charles, PhD, ABPP (Austen Riggs Center Staff Therapist and APA Division 39 President), has a great post up about her reflection on her recent attendance at the Public Interest Leadership Conference at APA in November 2015. We have cross-posted it below: “Scientists learn a great deal that is of potential value to others but often find it… Read More ›

LGBT Issues »

What Can We Do to Improve Bisexuals’ Mental Health?

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By Tania Israel, PhD (Professor of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology, University of California, Santa Barbara) I had never been in a room with so many known bisexuals. Approximately 100 bisexual advocates, researchers, and community members from all over the U.S. were gathered in the historic Eisenhower Executive Office Building for the first ever White… Read More ›


7 Ways in Which Charlie Sheen Is the Same as Everyone With HIV

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By David Martin, PhD, ABPP (Senior Director, APA Office on AIDS) Charlie Sheen revealed in an interview with Matt Lauer on the TODAY show on November 17, 2015 that he has HIV.  Mr. Sheen is very well-known, and different from many, if not most, people with HIV in many ways—he’s rich, he’s famous, and he’s White,… Read More ›


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