What Does A Professor Look Like?

As a child of poor immigrants from rural Philippines, I often heard about how my parents grew up without running water and limited electricity. They told my brothers and me stories about the things that they didn’t have while growing up, and how they overcame traumas of war and poverty. These anecdotes made me feel equally grateful and guilty, while also motivating me to strive for success. In fact, it is through these stories that I learned the importance of attaining a college education as a way of fulfilling our parents’ American dreams and somehow compensating for the historical trauma that my family had overcome for centuries.

Asian American family

How Do Family Expectations and Stress Affect Asian American Mental Health?

“I’m so glad to be alive. Every day we are seeing Asian Americans die because of lack of services, stigma and suicide.”   Can Truong spoke those words at APA’s recent Ethnicity and Health Series community forum – “Great expectations: Exploring family dynamics and stress among Asian and Asian American populations” cosponsored with the DC […]

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Mind the Gap: How Generational Differences Affect the Mental Health of Asian American Families

By Matthew Miller, PhD (Asst. Professor – University of Maryland, College Park) What do the words “generation gap” mean to you? For many people, “generation gap” conjures up memories of conflict with their parents over differences in music tastes, career choice, political affiliation, lifestyle choices, etc. However, for many Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander […]