Taking Faith in the Future! 4 Ways Religious Involvement Can Help You Age Well

Thirty-nine percent of people across the world attend a religious service every week, but of them, few know just how beneficial religious involvement can be! As life changes with aging, from physical declines to loss of loved ones, religious involvement can help you remain healthy. No matter your prior involvement or your current abilities, you can experience the benefits of religion. Here are four reasons why you should embrace your faith as a means toward healthy aging.

African American woman praying

What’s Faith Got to Do with It? Churches as Partners in Ending Mental Health Disparities

By Alfiee Breland-Noble, PhD, MHSc. (Georgetown University Medical Center) In the past few years, we have seen tremendous growth in the “mainstreaming of faith” in our daily lives. Oprah Winfrey hosts a show called “Super Soul Sundays” on her OWN network, Tyler Perry movies regularly contain spiritual messages and even blockbuster family movies rely on spiritual themes […]