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Are the Mentally Ill Being Unfairly Targeted by the FBI’s Gun List? The Mysterious Link Between Autism and Extraordinary Abilities, “Midlife Crisis Is Just a Myth.” In Case You Missed It– January 20th, 2016

Welcome back to In Case You Missed It (our weekly roundup of articles touching on psychology, health, mental health and social justice issues from multiple news and commentary websites). This week, we address whether the mentally ill are being unfairly targeted by the FBI’s gun list, the mysterious link between autism and extraordinary abilities, and whether the midlife crisis is just a myth. Are the mentally ill being unfairly targeted by the FBI’s gun list? […]

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Rest in Peace, James Brady

James Brady meeting with President Obama

By Amalia Corby-Edwards (Sr. Legislative and Federal Affairs Officer, APA Public Interest Government Relations Office) Do you know James Brady? Few Americans recognize his key role in shaping national gun policy. On March 30, 1981, 84 days into his tenure as President Ronald Reagan’s press secretary, multiple bullets intended for the President instead struck James Brady. Mr. Brady suffered debilitating, life-long injuries in the attack, but he survived. The assailant […]

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