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A War on Children: The Consequences of Poverty on Child Development

Young biracial girl staring into camera

This post continues our new blog series on poverty. As our nation reflects on its progress in fighting poverty over the last 50 years, this blog series will highlight how psychology can contribute further to this discussion. By Roseanne L. Flores, PhD – (Member, APA Coalition for Psychology in Schools and Education) In 2012, over 16 million children – 22% of all children – lived in families with incomes that fall below the federal […]

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What Can Our Kids Tell Us About Gun Violence?

5 teens holding up gun violence sign

By Tina Wolridge (Communications Coordinator, APA Public Interest Directorate) It seems that gun violence is all around my life.  Homicides, assaults, robberies, shootings, and weapon violations are all a part of this world.  Gun ownership is so deeply rooted into the lives of Americans that we must re-evaluate our strategy and approach gun violence as a public health concern. Gun violence is an important national problem leading to more than […]

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