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“I’m Not Just Black!”: Exploring Intersections of Identity

Through a very complete body of research, the field of psychology has established that a person’s identity is composed of several different parts. However, psychological research projects often only focus on one or two aspects of identity. As we move towards a more complete picture of human behavior, we must remember to keep in mind that the intersections of identity are a vital piece of that picture.

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We Need to Talk about Money: How Ignoring Socioeconomic Status Hurts Research

By Meagan Sweeney, MA (Graduate Intern, APA Office of Socioeconomic Status) There is a social convention to not talk about money. We consider it rude to discuss differences in income, education, or spending ability, even among our close friends. While that rule of thumb may work at the family dinner table or office water cooler, researchers who ignore socioeconomic status (SES) risk producing misleading results in their work. And when research […]

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Aging with HIV: New Research Sheds Light on a Growing Population

Older man's hand holding medication

By David Martin, PhD, ABPP (Senior Director, APA Office on AIDS)  The Office on AIDS is pleased to have played a small supporting role in the publication of the just-released special issue of Behavioral Medicine, in which six articles on HIV and aging were published this month. These articles represent an important extension of existing knowledge in this emerging area of research and clinical work because: The introduction of combination antiretroviral […]

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Think Psychology is Missing from the Discussion of Poverty? Write for Our Blog

Are you a psychologist, social scientist or mental health professional who works on issues related to poverty? Here’s an opportunity for you to be a contributor to our blog. The APA Office on Socioeconomic Status has issued an open call for poverty-related blog post submissions. 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty and while there has been much debate about whether America is winning said War, what more do […]

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No Silver Bullet: Why We Need Research on Gun Violence Prevention

Police tape saying "police line do not cross"

By Clinton W. Anderson, PhD (Associate Executive Director, APA Public Interest Directorate) Deaths and injuries from firearms pose a substantial risk to public health. Firearms are involved in more than 50% of suicides and 70% of homicides. There are more than 30,000 firearm fatalities each year and more than 80,000 non-fatal firearm injuries requiring emergency medical care or hospitalization. Gun violence imposed an estimated total cost of $174 billion in medical, […]

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How Can We Get Children and Teens Treatment That Works?

Woman consoling teenage girl

By Michael Southam-Gerow, PhD (APA Committee on Children, Youth, and Families) More than 4 million children and teens have a serious mental disorder, but only 20 percent are getting the help they need. Did you know that it takes more than 15 years for an evidence-based treatment (EBT) to be used consistently in the community? That is about half a generation! Our society still struggles to meet the mental health […]

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