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What Do Kids Have to Say About Bullying?

By Susan P. Limber, PhD (Professor of Psychology, Clemson University) In recent years, adults have had a lot to say about bullying.  Members of the press have produced thousands of news articles and reports about bullying.  Legislators in 49 states have written and rewritten laws requiring school districts to develop policies about bullying.  And researchers, like myself, have published hundreds of articles and books each year about the nature of […]

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Be Like Mike (Honda): Fight the Bullying Epidemic

Teenager cowering from bully

By U.S. Representative Mike Honda (D-CA), Founder of Congressional Anti-Bullying Caucus In light of the recent government shutdown, it is understandable for the public to view Congress as dysfunctional and unable to compromise, but I want to share with you a bipartisan issue that we do agree on—stopping bullying. The bullying epidemic affects all Americans: students, parents, the elderly and other community members. No one is immune. Because October is […]

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