What Do Kids Have to Say About Bullying?

By Susan P. Limber, PhD (Professor of Psychology, Clemson University) In recent years, adults have had a lot to say about bullying.  Members of the press have produced thousands of news articles and reports about bullying.  Legislators in 49 states have written and rewritten laws requiring school districts to develop policies about bullying.  And researchers, […]

APA’s New Safe and Supportive Schools Project Takes on Bullying

By Lacey Rosenbaum, M.Ed. (Director, APA’s Safe and Supportive Schools Project, Office of LGBT Concerns) You cannot escape the headlines: “Bullying may have motivated Nevada school shooter” or “Funeral held for Illinois teen who committed suicide after bullying” or “Two girls arrested on bullying charges after suicide.” What is going on?  Do we have a bullying […]