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A Tale of Two Tantrums

Picture this: You are in a store. Two young children are nearby with their parents. Each of them suddenly erupts into a tantrum. Your intense irritation leads you to utter, “What those kids need is some good, old-fashioned discipline!” In that moment, you want those parents to make those children stop crying and do whatever it is that their parents have told them to do – now!

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The Secrets I Learned to Managing Stress

Stress ball with a smiley face

By Edna M. Esnil, PsyD (Member, APA Committee on Women in Psychology) Have you ever felt overwhelmed when you have to confront a stressful task or situation? As a practitioner, I work a lot with clients who are stressed and overwhelmed.   I experience stress too. On both a professional and a personal level this is one topic I am passionate about!   April is Stress Awareness Month, so this is a […]

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