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3 Components of Rape Culture and What You Can Do to Fight Back

By Christin P. Bowman, MS, MA (Doctoral student in Critical Social-Personality Psychology at The Graduate Center, City University of New York) **Trigger warning. This blog is about sexual violence.** Let’s make something clear right from the start: Rape is caused by rape culture. Rape culture has many ingredients, and like any successful recipe, once you […]

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How Can Gun Violence Be Prevented? 5 Findings from APA’s New Report

By Efua Andoh (APA Public Interest Directorate Communications Staff) The horrific shootings around the country (e.g., Newtown, CT; Fort Hood, TX; Aurora, CO; and the Navy Yard in Washington, DC) have prompted a renewed national debate on how best to prevent gun violence. Recognizing the critical role for the field of psychology in this discussion, APA […]

How to Recognize and Respond to Violence Against Women with Disabilities

By Julie Williams, PsyD, CRC, ABPP (Member, APA Committee on Women in Psychology) If you’re a woman with a disability, you’re 40% more likely to be abused by your intimate partner than a woman without a disability according to research done in the past 10 years. Studies show that this abuse occurs at the hands […]

THEory into ACTion: Addressing the Needs of Violence-Exposed Youth in Chicago

“THEory into ACTion” is a series of cross posts from APA Division 27’s Community Psychology Practice Council blog. “THEory into ACTion” sheds light on community psychologists making positive change in the field. This cross post focuses on the services provided by the DePaul Family and Community Services Clinic to schools serving Chicago-area youth exposed to violence and trauma. DePaul […]