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What’s Going On? How We Can Confront Child Sexual Abuse in America

The child welfare system is charged with promoting the wellbeing of children by ensuring their safety and strengthening their families, so they may successfully care for children. While the child welfare system is comprised of a complex set of procedures that vary by state, finding solutions to combat the collateral effects some children face when placed into the child welfare system may be just as complex, if not illusive.

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Cruel and (Un)usual Punishment: The Treatment of Transgender Prisoners

By Sabrina Cox, MA, LMSW Zahara Green is a 25-year-old transgender woman who was placed in an all-male prison in May 2012. According to Green, she was targeted by another inmate, Darryl Ricard, immediately upon entering general population at Rogers State Prison in Georgia. Ricard was serving a life sentence for aggravated child molestation, rape, and kidnapping. After Ricard repeatedly assaulted her, Green was granted protective custody in September 2012. […]

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Intimate Partner Violence and the Bottom Line

Black and white image of distraught woman

By Ramani Durvasula, PhD (Member, APA Committee on Socioeconomic Status) Our memories are short, and the Ray Rice domestic violence situation has been eclipsed by the news du jour as well as other revelations of domestic violence from other NFL players. The Ray Rice story was unfortunate, because we witnessed a woman be abused by her partner, we saw a lukewarm response by a multibillion dollar sports industry, and a […]

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What You Should Know About Elder Abuse: Protecting Our Future Selves

By Karen A. Roberto, PhD (Member, APA Committee on Aging) Mrs. A was in her early 70s and lived independently until she was severely injured in a car accident. Unable to live alone upon her release from the hospital she stayed with her daughter who settled her in an extra room in her cold basement. Weak and unable to climb the stairs, her daughter ignored her, fed her irregularly, and […]

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