Do Diversity & Intersecting Identities Matter in Mentoring Relationships?

2014 APA Annual Convention

I had the privilege today to be involved in a conversation hour sponsored by APAGS CARED (Committee for the Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Diversity) titled “Intersecting Identities in Academic and Clinical Settings.” The program was focused on engaging in conversations around mentoring approaches across diverDSC02080sity dimensions (e.g., age, ethnicity) and intersecting social identities (e.g., sexual orientation, socioeconomic status). According to Jamin Llamas, PhD, (one of the co-chairs of the session), the goal of the session was to provide a space for students and professionals to discuss “ways to introduce discussions around multiple identities and how they impact our clinical work and mentoring relationships.”

The session as well attended and I enjoyed the lively discussion. Using a world café style model (Brown & Issacs, 2005), participants discussed multiple topics, such as how to start conversations around multiple identities, what are key factors of mentoring that honor diversity, and what…

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