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Why We Should Celebrate Senior Citizens Everyday

Have you heard of National Senior Citizens Day? If not, you aren’t alone. This holiday is not often listed on most, if any, calendars. There are usually no headlines or special sales or promotions that accompany this holiday. Why is National Senior Citizens Day virtually forgotten? Probably for the same reasons that led to its establishment in 1988 by President Reagan. Older adulthood is not universally celebrated and valued.

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Ageism Alert – Get the Facts on Aging

By Sheri R. Levy, PhD, Ashley Lytle, and Jamie L. Macdonald (Stony Brook University, Psychology Department) Most people hope to live long lives, yet American culture is filled with negative images of getting older. Older adulthood is thought of as a time marked by deteriorating health, poor memory, low levels of activity, loneliness, and a sense of uselessness.  The truth is that these characterizations are inaccurate and they can make […]

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Is Your Birthday Card a Microaggression?

Originally posted on Division 17 Older Adult Special Interest Group:
by Kelly Martincin, M.A. My family has a tradition of a light-hearted competition of who can find the funniest birthday card for any family birthday.  My brother-in-law’s birthday was last week, so I spent a bit of time in a local card shop trying to find something that we hadn’t seen before and was truly funny.  As the minutes passed and…

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